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The establishment of such a unique faculty in the central and southern Upper Egypt is considered a strong addition to the university and the external community, as it is responsible for preparing and graduating distinguished cadres in many interdisciplinary specializations that serve the community in various fields, such as environmental control, environmental impact assessment,  sugar industry technology, Cement manufacturing technology, drinking and waste water purification technology, mining and petroleum technology, occupational safety and health, fish farming and fisheries technology, environmental risk management, nanotechnology and its use in various fields, information systems and environmental modeling, biodiversity and environmental sustainability.
The faculty will include an elite group of staff members and specialized professors from various faculties of the university.
One of the most important goals of establishing this faculty is to study environmental problems and find solutions for them, maximize the use of natural resources and their development, work to interact with regional and global environmental issues, and strive to develop partnerships with various corresponding institutions, in addition to cooperation with beneficiaries in the labor market.
The faculty includes five main departments, and grants postgraduate diploma degrees in 18 sub-specializations, master’s degrees in 7 specializations, and doctoral degrees in 7 other specializations.
It accepts students who hold a bachelor’s degree  from one of the Egyptian universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities, if meet the admission requirements for each program, and it is also possible to add specialized and professional diplomas, as well as new specializations for the master’s and doctoral programs.

dr.Hamdy Hassanin

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Address: Arab Republic of Egypt – Sohag Governorate – Nasser City
Sohag University Street – Faculty of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research